Director: Siddhant Issar

Cast: Siddhant Issar, Kanishka Soni, Gufi Paintal, Rahul Bhuchar

Ratings: 4.5

The ongoing pandemic due to the threat of Corona virus isn’t a lesser known fact. Recession has hit the globe especially people associated with the entertainment industry are facing bankruptcy. According to a recent survey done by WHO, it has been stated that India has the maximum suicide rate amongst all the Asian countries.
Writer-director Siddhant Issar, who is also a renowned theatre actor brings an intriguing tale of suicide prevention and mental health titled Resurrection- Jaago Aur Jiyo which also deals in reason of life and death.
Vedika (Kanishka Soni), an upcoming actress, is undergoing depression due to lack of money, work, her abusive relationship and her missing cat princess. After her own family refuses to help, she decides to end her life by committing suicide. Enters, a young man (Siddhant Issar), who saves her from it and grants her all wishes. What happens next forms the rest of the crux. Who is this young man? Why would he save Vedika? Would she believe him?
In such adverse times, Resurrection - Jaago Aur Jiyo comes as a breath of fresh air that brings hope, peace and teaches a beautiful reason for leading a fruitful life. Writer-director Siddhant Issar has hit the right chord with this film which also marks his screen debut. Known for his various spectacular theatre performances, he is seen in an unusual avatar which is interesting and commendable. Actress Kanishka Joshi is watchable along with the rest of the cast.
Since the whole film is shot during the lockdown with the limited resources, the film might not be technically sound and fancy but this attempt to make a film with a social message is a winning point for the makers.

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