Actor Faissal Khan is all set to make a triple powered comeback as actor, debut-director and singer with his new romantic thriller “Faactory”.

Mumbai : Faissal Khan who is known as the rugged yet soft hearted Shankar Shane in Mela (2000), is geared up for a powerful comeback after a hiatus of 19 years in his upcoming thriller film Faactory.
Asked about what got him on board with this film, Faissal says he was instantly interested after hearing the story idea and saw its potential. He has been involved with Faactory right from the inception of its screenplay and once the script was ready his interest only grew further. He had a huge responsibility as a debut director but he was very clear about what he wanted. “Filmmaking is a mammoth task. You have to be totally focused and take many decisions on the spot, none of which can be considered trivial.” As an actor his primary focus was on bringing out the best in his character but as a director he had to focus on every aspect of the film right from pre-production and shooting till post-production. Prior to the shoot, he had meticulously planned everything - scene-wise breakdowns of costumes and properties, even the shot division with his cameraman. He conducted workshops at his house with all the actors and blocked the scenes. The result was a smooth and satisfactory shooting process. He thinks an important quality in him as a director is that after the editing of the film, he could detach himself from it and look from a viewer’s perspective and make the necessary corrections during its post-production.

Talking about singing for a romantic track in the film he says, “I used to do singing years back. Focusing on the feel of the song is the most important.” On being asked about his favourite moment from the film, he calls the entire film his ‘baby’. But he really enjoyed shooting for a fun song “Friday ho, dry day ho…mala daru pahije.”
Faissal says he has put in all his knowledge, experience, craft of filmmaking into this film and it is due to the Supreme Power’s blessings that the film has turned out quite well. Regarding his faith in God he shared an experience during a shoot in Saputara, Gujarat when it started raining heavily bringing the shoot to a halt. The weather forecast showed heavy rain on the next day too. But his prayers were answered as it did not rain the next day and only once they had completed the shoot and packed up, it started raining again.
He says that Faactory has an intriguing plot and the audience will love all the twists and turns. Faissal is all praises for his team and the producers for their faith in his vision. However, he humbly vests the final verdict of the film on the audiences which is extremely important. He feels only their feedback and appreciation will decide if he has managed to entertain them with his honest efforts and emotions in the film.
Faactory will have a worldwide digital release and the makers will soon start the promotions and release the trailer and songs.

 The film also stars debutante Roaleey Ryan as the female lead alongside Raj Kumar Kanojia, Ribbhu Mehra, Sharad Singh and Asha Singh.

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