Mumbai : Rotary Fun Fiesta, an event Organised by Rotary Club of Mumbai Bhandup, in Bhandup, Mumbai which carries out various activities for the underprivileged people in our society. The members of the Club have been doing lot of activities over the years in an effort to give back, in their own small way, to the society we live in from where they are earning their livelihood. Few of their current initiatives include: Cataract Free Bhandup - The Club has conducted more than 350 operations free of cost. Paediatric Heart Surgeries Tailoring training with 100% Job guarantee Pink Auto Project - Trains ladies and provides Auto Rickshaws along with Government Subsidy and Loans Education Loan. 
Rotary's Fun Fiesta was not just an entertainment event but a means to connect entertainment and families and bring awareness to the cause and also raise funds for the cause. The event gave an opportunity to people to enjoy and spend a good weekend outside their homes. Rotary Fun Fiesta Organised by Rotary Club of Mumbai Bhandup was attended by many celebs like Singer Sanjeevani Bhelande, Kunal Kaushal, Comedian Ahsaan Qureshi, Dinesh Bawra, Raja Rancho, actor Amar Upadhyay and Veteran Marathi and Bollywood Actress Smita Jaikar, Sonica Handa, Aleeza Khan, Nishikant Sadaphule and Mumbai Karaoke club (Shoma Bannerjee and Jyotika Kotian) and others in BMC ground, next to Pawar Public School, Bhandup West. The audience witnessed many programs here like comedy night, Musical Evening, Fashion Show by Dr Chatursing Khalsa’s Zen Asia Foundation with models wearing outfit designed by Designer Seema Kshirsagar founder of AIFT, Play-back Theatre with Divya Doshi and team. During this program, Rotary Club of Mumbai Bhandup, CrossAsyst Infotech Pvt Ltd and Venue Partner Ms.Rajool Sanjay Patil came together to make the 33 ft Tallest Cardboard Christmas Tree ever on 15 December 2023 at Dina Patil Estate, Station Road, Bhandup West, Mumbai and broke the World Wide Record and India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. The last world record of 20 ft tall cardboard Christmas tree was held in London.

This record will be a matter of pride for all Indians, Mumbaikars and definitely for Bhandupkars. This event is the initiative of the Club President Rtn. Jennifer Isaac of Rotary Club of Mumbai Bhandup and the Event Chair Rtn. Natarajan T R. President Rtn Jennifer Isaac said that the main aim and message of the Fun Fiesta event this year revolves around helping the underprivileged. While it was our first event we had great experience and great response and participation from our Bhandupkars and this success has motivated us to plan more such Rotary Fun Fiesta in future. The team behind the Scenes who made efforts for the success are President Rtn Jennifer Isaac, Event Chair Rtn Natarajan T R, Secretary Rtn Vaishali Savla, Treasurer Rtn. Dr Shraddha Nate, Rtn. Rajendra Mokal, Rtn.Uday Shetty, Mr. Sujay Dhurat, Designer Rtn. Seema Kshirsagar, Dr. Chatursingh Khalsa from Zen Asia Foundation, Mr.Bhushan Dolas and Team, Rtn. Ganesh Waradkar, Rtn. Kunal Kaushal did the hosting during the entire 3 day event along with other hosts.

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