Reigning queen Mrs. Universe 2023 Meranie Gadiana Rahman has crowned Piyali Roy as Mrs. Universe USA 2024. This is a big news as a first time any Bengali doctor.
 Unapologetic in her evolution Dr. Piyali Roy created an inspirational bench mark for other women to emulate from the multitudenal transformation she underwent in different spheres of life which led to her 'grandeur win' as Mrs. Universe Curvy USA 2024, held at Seattle on the 11th of November, 2023, organized by MydreamTV-USA.
 Needless to say Dr Piyali Roy is a 'Beauty Queen' in totality, besides being a New York University trained Dental Surgeon, an author, international Fashion model.
 She with her infectious smile, uber confidence and charm forayed her way into the top 3 of Mrs. Universe Curvy USA 2024 after leaving everyone in awe of her creativity and reverence that she displayed while walking down the National  Costume Round depicting Washington DC's State Flag and Emblem displayed on her while she took on the look of the National Flower herself, The American Pink Rose.
Dr Piyali Roy in her 'electric blue' Evening gown displayed royalty and complete majesty, while she  walked the ramp leaving all the judges and audiences mesmerized by her attractive personality, grace and oozing charm. 
 Icing on the top was her smashing, on point answer to a question based on Domestic Violence during interview round and the Finale answer which generated loud applause in the audience, demarcating her as the clear winner of the pageant.
Piyali was crowned by the reigning queen Mrs. Universe 2023 Meranie Gadiana Rahman in Mrs. Universe USA Pageant.
As she steps into the limelight after wining Mrs Universe e2024 embodying the epitome of confidence and style, Dr. Piyali Roy is not just a model or a dentist or an actor; she is an inspiration. A beacon of resilience, showcasing that with confidence and determination, one can transcend boundaries, redefine norms, and truly embody the essence of empowerment and grace.
Today Dr. Piyali Roy stands as a luminary figure, portraying how versatility can shape one’s journey. She is testament to the magic that happens when grace meets tenacity, and when confidence becomes one’s guiding light.
Her time at New York University, where she meticulously honed her skills as a dentist, gave her insights into the intricacies of human aesthetics. This foundation, perhaps unexpectedly, served as a perfect springboard into the world of fashion. As she transitioned to the runway, the parallels became evident. Just as she would sculpt and perfect a smile in her clinic, she sculpted her presence and poise on the runway. Every detail, from her posture to her gaze, became an expression of her artistry.
But it wasn’t just about the aesthetic. The New York Fashion Week runway became a platform where Dr. Roy communicated a narrative – of reinvention, courage, and limitless potential. This narrative was further enriched as she collaborated with global fashion stalwarts, from Mumbai’s Rohit Verma to visionary African designers from Paris. Each collaboration, each walk, became a testament to her versatility.
Her win as Winner Mrs. Bharat (India) DMV 2023 in Washington DC, USA wasn’t just a title; it was a recognition of her ability to captivate and inspire. Thats not it, Dr Piyali Roy was also  the Winner of Mrs. Universal Petite 2023 Audience Choice Crown in Mexico.
 With her infectious spirit and multi-dimensional talents, Dr. Piyali Roy is exemplifying how one can craft a rich tapestry of diverse yet harmonious paths, leaving an indelible mark of grace, strength, and confidence in every stride.
 Dr Piyali Roy's achievements are testament of her skills, talent and above all her dedication. We are certain that she will continue to soar, while she celebrates this milestone.

Final question asked to Piyali:
What does make you different or unique among other contestants?
Her reply on Stage:
What makes me unique on this platform is My self-confidence which is acquired through years of  my education as a doctor and from my professional background as well as from the upbringing of my parents within Indian culture and heritage. 
Also I have a very futuristic vision of One world (may be metaverse) where we all live in the world of peace, harmony and global connectivity without any hatred or war.

Lastly I want to advocate for the body-positivity and encourage women of all age, shape, size, cultural backgrounds by saying that: Believe you can and you're halfway there. Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude.
 Having trained as dental surgeon at the New York University, Piyali impressed judges with her infectious smile, confidence and charm.
USA Winner, Dr. Piyali Roy:
An Inspiring Beauty, Loving Mother, and an Indian origin Dedicated Dental Surgeon.  She won the title Mrs Universe USA (curvy) 2024 in a prestigious National level pageant Mrs Universe USA, held on Nov 11th 2023 in Seattle USA.

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