With the interesting film WWW..world without water, filmmaker Manoj Pandya of Great India Film Television (GIFT) and Jannat movies tackles one of the world's most delicate subjects.

The film was inspired by the frightening scenario concerning water and emphasizes the most significant issue of the forthcoming water calamity all over the world.It's also been said that the next world war will be fought over water. Climate change is being caused by global warming, which has an influence on ecology and the environment. Groundwater levels are dropping, and there is a water shortage.
 On December 18, 2023, the production got underway at a bunglow located in Mumbai's Madh Island.
 WWW has known actors like Rajendra Shisatkar and Hemant Pandey and is directed by Manoj Pandya.
 Rajendra Shisatkar's film credits include Mumbai Meri Jaan, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Mr. and Mrs. Unwanted, Section 375, and Shiddat. He was also lauded for his commanding performance in the recently launched web serial Ek Thi Begum 2. The actor is very excited about his new film WWW, which he has only recently begun filming.
 The actor discussed WWW. " I've always been interested in taking on a new and challenging role. When I heard the screenplay for WWW, I was immediately intrigued. The film's subject, makes us think about a potential water catastrophe.As an actor, it is my societal obligation to not only entertain the audience with my performances in commercial films, but also to make society aware of the oncoming difficulties.I had to say yes since the plot of the film is so relevant”.
 Similarly, Hemant Pandey, who rose to fame as Pandeji in the blockbuster television drama 'Office Office,' has acted in a number of films and serials. Discusses shooting for WWW “Like everyone else involved with this  film, I found the subject to be very meaningful and thought provoking. The next generation must understand the value of water and the long-term consequences of a water crisis."
 The film's director Manoj Pandya says, "I've always wanted to capture people's attention through my films on serious issues, and the future water crisis requires serious consideration." WWW is a little attempt by me to convey the message of water conservation for a brighter future, with the help of brilliant artists such as Rajendra Shisatkar and Hemant Pandey's performances.”
 The screenplay for WWW is written by Ashish Deo, while Yuvraj Indorai served as the DOP. Manoj Pandya and Sonu Bansal are the producers of the film. 
 After the film concludes production, the makers want to showcase it in national and international film festivals around 2024.
At the same time, Great India Films in Television (GIFT) in collaboration with Jannat movies also launched AMAR PREM, a love triangle film directed by Ace Director Suvendu Raj Ghosh, starring Puneet Raj, Sheena Chouan, and Sandeep Sharma. 
 Manoj Pandya and Sonu Bansal produced both the films (WWW and AMAR PREM). Tarsem singh dhaliwal has written the script of AMAR PREM, Executive Producer Sachin Nathuram Sant and Yuvraj Indoria is DOP of the projects.

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