Meri Pyari Nikkii actor-director Rajeev Singh on making limited budget films: To me, the true hero is the story, followed by direction, and then the actors

In a realm where success is often dictated by big budgets, "Meri Pyari Nikkii," now available on JioCinema, stands as an exception. Set in the bustling city of Mumbai, the film weaves a gripping tale of a courier boy targeting women in happy marriages, demanding a love akin to that of a real wife. Those who resist meet a fatal end, and the unpredictable plot has captivated audiences, making the film a resounding success. Rajeev Singh, making his debut as the writer, director, and lead actor, is thrilled with the response and recently shared his experiences, addressing the challenges of creating films on a budget.
 Hailing from the humble village of Darigaon in Bihar, Rajeev stresses that filmmaking transcends mere budget considerations. He emphasises, "In the world of creating films and series, it's not all about the money. To me, the true hero is the story, followed by direction, and then the actors, and so forth. What truly made a difference for me was pouring in relentless effort and unwavering willpower to bring a series or film to life. Hailing from a humble village in Bihar, entering Bollywood felt like an impossible dream. Yet, with my deep love for cinema, self-belief, and a sprinkle of blessings from above, I persisted, never dwelling on the problems but always seeking out the solutions."
 When asked about juggling directing and acting with limited support, he reflects, "Facing the challenge was tough, no doubt, but it wasn't unfamiliar ground. I've crafted many short films with similar, or even fewer, resources, learning to make things happen. And my journey as an actor in serials, international films, Bollywood, and web series has been my strength, guiding me through the ups and downs, making me stronger in the process."
 On foreseeing the success of "Meri Pyari Nikkii," Rajeev admits, "I always believed in the story, and while I knew it would resonate, I honestly never expected this much love from people." When probed for the secret behind the series' success, he dispels any notion of secrets, emphasising the basics: a gripping and entertaining story, devoid of unnecessary elements, with every moment sparking curiosity. He underscores the importance of actors giving their all, a 100% commitment.
Looking forward, Rajeev reveals, "I have many stories lined up, and my team and I are deciding on which one to take next." As an inspiration for aspiring filmmakers and actors, Rajeev Singh has not only crafted a compelling series but also shared valuable lessons in storytelling and determination.
 "Meri Pyari Nikkii" unfolds the twisted journey of its protagonist, weaving a web of lies and deceit that leaves a trail of death and destruction. With its engaging plot and talented cast, the series is a must-watch for thriller genre enthusiasts.
 Produced by Shoorra Films, "Meri Pyari Nikkii" is written and directed by Rajeev Singh, featuring Anju Jadhav, Rajeev Singh, Khushi Dani, Vivek Tripathi, Anuj Bhardwaj, and Pradeep Kumar Tiwari in pivotal roles.

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