Mumbai : Country Club Hospitality and Holidays Limited, which has been going on to celebrate its festival for the last 30 years and the new year is this year, has organized a grand event to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024.A grand program was organized to welcome DJ Avee and DJ Chahat Ka Ananad and all the devotees present there took pride in it. Country Club manager Rakesh told that more than 8000 people participated in our event. They also enjoyed delicious food from the dance floor. Country Club's managing director Sree Rajeev Reddy organized a press conference related to this event in Hyderabad in which Tamil film actors were present.
The entire team has been working very hard to bring more attention through Country Club this year. The entire team of PR including Marketing Manager Faizal Khan was present in the work, among whom Sushilajeet Sahani Jeet (CEO Page1) were presented and there were complete media bands for this year. In Celebrities Guests Rajkumar Kanojiya Bollywood actor, Aayush Garg, Ravi Romeo were Presents And wished all the visitors present a very Happy New Year and Country Club Manager Rakesh congratulated his entire team and wished him a very Happy New Year.

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