Rawal Jaipal Singh officially announce at press meeting recently at Mumbai, this year's Chetak Festival Sarang Kheda will be start form 8th of December 2022 to 2nd of January 2023 at Sarang Kheda. 

Chetak Equine Development Pvt Ltd conduct a press meet to give complete details and information about this year festival activities and new also for the new future planning for festivals. 

For more than 300 years, Sarang Kheda, a village in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, has been hosting Chetak Festival every year to the celebration of the finest equestrian breeds. 

This historical festival is organized in the memory of bravery and the glory of horse CHETAK, the most beloved horse of King Maharana Pratap.

Rawal Jaipal Singh has now taken the responsibility of taking this tradition started by his ancestors. Under his leadership, knowledge and right guidance today Chetak Festival Sarangkheda is getting to popularity in India and abroad. Slowly, through this festival, people are getting the knowledge of their heretical tradition and importance. 

In the leadership of Rawal Jaipal Singh, today’s the people are waiting for the start date announcement for Chetak Festival Sarang Kheda, so they can join and enjoy the festival

In this festival we can see different colour of horse, different breed and low to high range value as per horse. Specially Marwari horse are very popular in India and abroad. Also, in this festival we can enjoy horse dance, Marwari Horse nukra, horse game horse race gallop, Horse jump show and Horse ride.

Horse is not only the showcase of this festival, also we can see, learn and enjoy the art, culture and sports of our nation. Chetak Festival is celebrated every year for 3 to 4 weeks, where we can enjoy traditional dance, education, fitness and traditional fashion. The major attraction and adventure of this festival are body building, women’s fair, education fair, tent city, royal grand cottage, regal cabin, club houses, theme park, star gazing, archery, quad biking, paint ball, jet ski, paddle boat, kayaking, horse trail ride, safari, banana boat, photo gallery, different traditional food and unique and attractive horses and horse activities.

For create awareness, security and importance of the animals, Chetak Equine Development Pvt Ltd planning to organize a longest horse marathon. which will be start from Chandigarh and end at Sarang Kheda.

Rawal Jaipal Singh in his address expressed concern over the fact that today's generation are getting away from their culture and tradition. Today's youth know very little about Horse and its specialty, because lack of animal education. If the youth does not get right information about the specialty of the Horse, in future there will be a time came when the Horse will remain only in the pages of the books.

Rawal Jaipal Singh keeping these things in mind and his plan is underway to build a horse hub at Sarang Kheda, so our next generation gets to right knowledge of the horse's and their speciality. 

Rawal also plan to start the Horse Premier League, so the participant and the horse lover can get more popularity and also get government support and respect.

In last Rawal addressed the people through the media and said, let's come and joined together with Chetak festival Sarang Kheda, so that the whole world can knows about our pride.

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