40 girls dance in dance bars all night in Mumbai...

Correspondent / Mumbai

Adjacent to the Byculla police station in Mumbai, where there is also the office of Additional Commissioner of Police Dnyaneshwar Chavan, the same law was seen flouting the law in front. In the presence of the police, citizens get to see an open game of alcohol and publicity throughout the night illegally in the Kobana dance bar adjacent to the police station. Our reporter present on this occasion did a sting operation of the occasion and recorded the entire video. In this video, many nobles are seen openly throwing money in the air on the girls. The date and time tag is also seen in the video as evidence. In which even after 1 o'clock late in the night, drunken people are seen dancing with bar girls.

        Significantly, during this sting operation, some police personnel in civil dress are also seen. Sources said that a total of 40 times in this dance bar, the girls are forced to work illegally. In such a situation, the local social workers have demanded from Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Mumbai Police Commissioner to take appropriate strict action against this Kobana dance bar which is spreading obscenity in the society.

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