Venus Detective Agency has started the new year on a high note! Akriti Khatri, often called Nancy Drew of India, is the youngest female detective in India. She runs her own detective agency called Venus Detective Agency. The agency has carried out major improvements such as shifting to a bigger office to accommodate their growing detective staff for a more productive work environment. They have also upgraded their technology for increased efficiency.

In the words of Akriti Khatri, “I am impelled for the new year! I am optimistic about the newly added features and improvements that will enhance the agency's operations. We have also hired formal Human Resources who will help keep things in check. We have had a great start to the new year. Our team has caught many people red-handed and closed many cases. The clients were very pleased with our service, and we cannot ask for anything more than their satisfaction. I can't wait to give my all this year.”

Keeping in line with the new year, the agency has also implemented a revised training program which will be executed with utmost professionalism. They have begun formal induction programs for their students and interns. Proper training sessions will be conducted through presentations. In a lot of cases, the agency has caught suspects during the new year. The majority of cases involved family affairs. The company is eager to serve its clients throughout the whole year of 2022.

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