Imagine, if you had to battle for your freedom without a support system in a foreign country, cheated by your own family members and had to face trial? It sounds tough. Well, that's the starting point of author Lal Bhatia's book 'Indicting Goliath' a real-life story of a man who had to fight for justice without a lawyer in the US when his own ex-wife's uncle levels fraudulent charges against him.
The book is based on unrefuted facts, evidence and testimony established based on extensive litigation that ensued in about 21 courts of the United States of America. Lal Bhatia, the author, was tortured, victimised, falsely convicted and imprisoned. It took Bhatia 13 years to finally see light and return to India.
Bhatia said, "I wrote the book throughout my 13 years of incarceration. I penned out every minute detail and collected undisputed facts and evidence to support my claim while battling it in courts and attached it to the book. Notion press was the only publishing company, who agreed to publish the book as it exposes the dark side of the system."
He also added, "It was a thirteen-year agonizing journey through the perils of incarceration, one that tested every ounce of my integrity and physical endurance. Nobody assessed that the crime thrust on an individual could be a scam and a convoluted deflection to protect the mighty and the connected."
The book traces Bhatia's valiant efforts to bring light to gross injustices and apparent lacunae in the US administration.
The book is released in three languages - English, Russian and Bengali. It has got great reviews from critics including a 4.9 from Amazon and 4.72 from Goodreads. For all those who are curious to know the journey of Lal Bhatia, the book is available on Flipkart and Amazon.

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