‘Be Happy’ and ‘Chill Out’ with the sensational shower gels infused with essential oils

Mumbai : Oriflame, leading direct-selling Swedish beauty brand, is committed to creating products that make you not just look but also feel beautiful. Building on its belief in holistic beauty that uplifts you, the brand has launched its Feel Good shower gels. The sensorial shower gels are infused with essential oils and ingredients that are known to evoke a specific mood or feeling.
Why take an ordinary bath when Feel Good shower gels can amplify your mood during your daily shower? The multi-sensorial shower gels are available in two new variants – Chill Out and Be Happy.
The Chill Out shower gel is infused with lavender – a fragrance widely used for relaxation - and cedarwood which is the perfect calming ingredient with sensual, earthy, and sweet scents. As its name suggests, the cleansing and calming effect of the Chill Out shower gel will help you relax and unwind before starting another action-packed day.
Don’t stop laughing because life is good! The cleansing and refreshing Be Happy shower gel will make you smile oh-so-wide with its instantly mood-boosting scent. Bursting with the super-juicy scents of blood orange that refresh and energize you combined with the golden and happy glow of turmeric, this shower gel is bound to put you in a sunny mood that lasts all day.
Speaking on the launch, Mr. Naveen Anand, Senior Director, Regional Marketing, Oriflame South Asia, said, “Who doesn’t like the feeling of being in a good mood? With Oriflame’s Feel Good shower gels, we’re helping you capture this good mood and elevate it to a new level. While gently cleansing your skin, the Chill Out shower gel will relax you and the Be Happy shower gel will give you an energized & refreshing feeling. So, now you can choose to feel good and bump up your emotions day after day!
Oriflame’s Feel Good shower gels are soap-free, pH-balanced, and dermatologically tested so you know they’re good for your mood and your skin! Use these gels whenever you need a mood boost or as a daily wake up shot.

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