People are surely running out of shows to binge-watch that can entertain them and at the same time make their stay-at-home a brighter space, but trust Kartik Aaryan to help us out in such times with his quirky content. The actor’s hit chat-show Koki Poochega has garnered massive fan-following on his YouTube channel and his debut as a chat show host is breaking the internet.
Kartik Aaryan launches the fourth episode of Koki Poochega today and yet again leaves us in splits and also gives us some useful safety measures to follow. After interviewing a COVID-19 survivor, a doctor and a police office, this time the actor decides to have some fun conversation with health-expert and famous lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho. Last time, Aaryan had shared a hilarious teaser of his latest episode where the interviewee reveals that how ‘garam masala’ is great for immunity and the superstar-host had said that it is his favourite film as well. Today he has announced the launch of the episode on social media where he asks Luke what is gluten-free for his better understanding and intrigues his fans that there is a sweet surprise. Don’t want to give spoilers away, go check out the video to know more!
With Luke Coutinho, Kartik Aaryan enlightens us about various immunity-hacks which are easily available in our kitchen and how basic lifestyle actions like sleeping well, quit-smoking and how to breathe-relax in such pandemic times can also help our body to heal. The actor has yet another eye-opener episode for us, has in these critical times, many of us are facing psychological issues and its important how to keep our minds calm amidst chaos.
All episodes of Koki Poochega have garnered great viewership and netizens are always left asking for more. With the spread of novel Coronavirus, the superstar is giving his all to stand for the nation and fight the fatal virus. He even pledged Rs 1 crore to the PM CARES Relief Funds and came out to be a true hero in the public eye. Hats off to this multi-talented actor!

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