Mumbai : In this beautiful era of music videos, the recording of a sad romantic song "Tera Ishq Na Sone De" was completed at Red Ribbon Studio, Mumbai. The song of this album of producer Naresh Kumar have been written by Moti Sultanpuri, Tamanna Arora and the music has been given by Prakash Naar. Singer Kanchan Kapoor has sung this song very sweetly.
Gautam Bhati and Tamanna Arora will be seen in its video. It will be released by Red Ribbon Music.
Producer Naresh Kumar said that earlier he had recorded the album with Sonu Nigam's father Agam Kumar Nigam. Now we are going to make "Tera Ishq Na Sone De". The song has been recorded very well. Its video will be shot soon and then it will be released for the audience. Kanchan Kapoor has sung it beautifully, there is charm in her voice. 
Singer Kanchan Kapoor thanked producer Naresh Kumar and lyricist Moti Sultanpuri and said that I am very happy and excited that I got a chance to sing like this in Mumbai. Singing in my own voice in the recording was a different experience.
Actress Tamanna Arora said that this is a sad romantic song. Tera Ishq Na sone de, Tera ishq na rone de, this line of love is catchy which will definitely be liked by the youth. I have worked in many TV shows and now I am excited to work in this video.
The EP of this project is Mayur Sonawane.

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