Ajay Devgn's heroic performance as coach leaves undying impressions ...on our minds...

Maidaan picks up impressionably in the second half...kudos to Director Amit Sharma.

Director : Amit Ravindranath Sharma.

Cast : Ajay Devgn, Priyamani and others

Where: Watch near your theatres.

Rating : 4 Star

With Maidaan director Amit Ravindranath Sharma ventures into the sports genre and biopic.The ,"Badhaai Ho Fame" director has tried his level best to keep your sporty spirits on a high.Though the initial start takes us a little time to lap up this predictable yet an intriguing tale.However, in the second half we were forced to be seated on the edge of our seats just watching the high voltage exciting competition between two playing teams belonging to different countries.Of' cource ,the patriotic feeling seeps in. Vouching for India we forget we are back in the fifties or sixties.We felt its all happening in this era 2024.
 Maidaan is a biography of the most celebrated Indian Football  coach Syed Abdul Rahim.The intriguing story highlights about the 1962 Gold medal won by Indian football team in the Asian Games.Since then  India has never won a gold medal in this sport.The story similar to many other sport films that has depicted and  higlighted how the underdogs always work hard to bring smiles on the faces of the sport lovers.
 Ajay Devgn's emotional performances will force the audiences and his fans to pour more love to this film and the then coach Syed Abdul Rahim.Boney Kapoor has chosen Ajay rightfully.His  act as an ailing coach yet being the driving force for his team will leave you speechless. As its his brilliant performances brings both smiles and tears rolling down your cheeks.Priyamani proves to be the real driving force in the film and has done a descent job.The other cast and credits have played their parts aptly well.
Fast paced editing impressive dialogues and well written tight script  along with a fabulous fifties and sixties era with prim and proper dressing sense adds many feathers to the film. cinematography is superb.
Maidaan is a must watch film.

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