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     In the world view, family is the place where every human being has the opportunity to share his/her deepest and dearest things. But, this important institution of life often becomes the center of problems and tension. In this wonderful journey, people sometimes lose their way. But, in search of solution to this problem, many such warriors have made their invaluable contribution in our society, one of whom is India's leading family counselor, Shri Ranjit Singh.

     The journey of Mr. Ranjit Singh, patron of Mission Journalism Institute and Chief Director of BR Reawakening Company, is an inspiring and true story. In his life, he has solved the family problems of more than 1000 married couples and enlightened people's lives with love. His aim was not only to solve problems but also to bring happiness and satisfaction to people in their lives.

     Ranjit Singh's much-discussed popular book "How to read your spouse like an open book?" A wonderful source, which helps in strengthening family relationships. This book has brought positive change in the lives of millions of people, and provided them with new perspectives to understand and resolve relationships.

  With his contribution, Shri Ranjit Singh ji has made his society aware to deal with conflicts and make its relations stable. He has made special contributions to various fields of society, and has been honored with many major social awards.

     His confident and trustworthy personality has made people self-reliant and helps them understand their relationships. Shri Ranjit Singh Ji's simple but profound message is - "Through love and dedication, we all can strengthen our relationships."

     Thus, the journey of Shri Ranjit Singh Ji is an inspiring example, which teaches us how to solve the family problems that we face at every turn of life. We can all learn more from their experiences and wisdom, and achieve happiness and prosperity in our relationships.

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