This Art Exhibition innaugrated by Film actor Vindu Darasingh, chief guest Padmashree Dr. Harsh Mahajan, CEO of The Haat of Art Exhibition, Jyoti Yadav and Mukesh Mistry 

New Delhi : The art exhibition has started from January 19 in Hall No. 7 of Pragati Maidan in Delhi, in which more than 400 fine artists, sculptors, mural artists, photographers and digital artists from across the country are participating.
 This exhibition will last for three days. Member of Parliament Parvesh Verma visited second day of THOA Exhibition in Pragati Maidan.
 This art exhibition was inaugurated by film actor Vindu Darasingh, chief guest Padmashree Dr. Harsh Mahajan and Jyoti Yadav, CEO of The Haat of Art Exhibition and Mukesh Mistry. On this occasion, Vindu Darasingh said that for the first time such a big exhibition of commercial art has been organized in Pragati Maidan, Delhi, in which the immense confluence of art and artists is an example in itself.
Jyoti Yadav, director of The Haat of Art Exhibition, said that art for every section of the society has been included here. Our effort is to give recognition to Indian artists at the international level apart from the big cities. Painters from rural areas of the country including metro cities have also joined us. Here every visitor can find original artwork according to their ability. Delhi's politician Harish Verma has also joined this campaign, who is moving towards taking art to a new dimension through tourism. Page One and 70 mm Mission Head Sushilajit Sahni said that more than 2000 paintings of different styles will be seen in the exhibition, including Pichhwai from Rajasthan, Miniature, Worli from Maharashtra, Tanjore from Tamil, Kalighat from Bengal, Madhubani from Bihar.  Along with new age abstract painting, Renaissance art, sculpture, murals and excellent photography of Kerala will also be seen.
 In this exhibition, the beautiful painting of Ram temple and Shri Ram has attracted everyone.

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