Director : Monjoy Joy Mukerji
Writer : Monjoy Joy Mukerji
Cast :  Prithvi Hatte and Monjoy Joy Mukerji 

Producer : Neelam Mukerji 

Music : Ajay Singha

Cinematography: Anil Singh
Language : English / Hindi
Duration : 11 minutes 16 seconds
Critic's Rating : **** 4 Stars

Reviewer : S.K. De
Life is a mystery to be lived and we are optimistic about the happiness that it brings in our lives. However, when life is not a bed of roses and bowls a bouncer at us; we are left retired hurt ! We are always hopeful that our life will be a fairy tale and nothing can go wrong with us. The short film, Girl On The Beach, shot in a secluded beach in Alibaug, Mumbai has fluidly and elegantly portrayed the human feelings of love, affection, passion, angst, despair, resentment and finally hope that serves as a catalyst to continue with our normal lives even if we are devastated by the loss of the person whom we valued, loved and respected the most.Life must be back on track, come what may is the motto which this short film helps us to believe. The melancholic short film ponders over how an alluring girl has lost the man whom she loved the most, a naval officer probably drowned in the sea and reminiscing the cherished moments that they had spent together even on this beach. She is not able to tide over her grief that her man is no more in this world and blames the sea for taking him away from her. The ensuing life post her introspection and realisation has been vividly captured on a canvas that makes this evocative tale relatable to what we all have experienced in our lives at a crucial juncture in our lives. 
 The characters have been brought to life through facial expressions, gestures and unparalleled body language with soulful music in the background through minimalist dialogues under the creative and illustrative direction of the Writer and Director, Monjoy Joy Mukerji. Monjoy has the peerless art of storytelling which is imaginative and has nailed it to near perfection in this poignant narrative. What catches the eye is Monjoy Joy Mukerjt's indomitable screen presence as the male protagonist, naval officer Karan Shroff and he glides into the character with ease. It is worth a mention that Monjoy even has a striking resemblance to his late father, the legendary Joy Mukerji in certain frames. However, the story actually revolves around the female protagonist, gorgeous and sophisticated Prithvi Hatte who has proven her acting prowess in an eloquent fashion with her beautiful eyes, non verbal expressions; since it hardly had any dialogues. Prithvi is a delight to watch as we see the story through her eyes when she communicates and probes the sea and thus makes us realise what life is all about. This  romantic tale which hardly has any dialogues is soothing for our senses and is visually appealing, during the present era when most writers and directors are not able to win hearts and falling short of a compelling script. The editing of this short film by Manoj Maraiappa Nool is crisp and he has done a praiseworthy job. The original score - soundtrack by Ajay Singha is mellifluous and is melody personified. The Cinematography by Anil Singh is beyond compare as he paints a picturesque canvas illuminated with natural light.
 Girl On The Beach has been winning laurels worldwide. The film has won more than 25 awards globally in 7 categories including the Best Romantic Film, Best Actress, Best Film Score, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Editor and Best Costume Designer. This film has won 6 International Film Festival Awards for Best Romantic Short Film at Rome, Tokyo, Rome Women Fiĺm Festival, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.
The actress Prithvi Hatte has won 6 International Film Festival Awards including the Best Actress Award in Rome, Rome Women Film Festival, Dubai, Hong Kong, Druk in Bhutan and Korea.
Ajay Singha has won 5 International Film Festival Awards and a mention which includes the Best Film Score at the Rome Women Film Festival, Hong Kong, Best Druk in Bhutan, Seoul, Dubai and an Honorable Mention at the Newyork Tri State International Film Festival. 
The Cinematographer Anil Singh received 4 International awards for this short film including being the Winner of Best Cinematography at the Druk in Bhutan, Stockholm City, Hong Kong and Dubai.
Monjoy Joy Mukerji was the Winner of the Best Director Award at Rome and Bhutan's Druk.
The Editor, Manoj Maraiappa Nool was the Winner of the Best Editor Award at Rome and Druk in Bhutan.
The Costume Designer Irfan Kachi won the Best Costume Designer Award at Rome.

Overall, Girl On The Beach is a short film which leaves us with the lasting fragrance of cherished memories. If you have ever been in love then this short film is definitely worth a watch and I give it 4 Stars for its sentimental and emotional quotient.

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