Girl On The Beach is a melancholic short film which delves with how life can be both bitter and sweet for lovers when there is an irreplaceable loss of your beloved.This keenly anticipated short film is as romantic as the sea that she sits beside as is the title of the short film. It serves as an inspiration for everyone globally whose fairy tale romance might not have a happy ending as nature might have other plans !
Girl On The Beach is a depiction of love and emotions which is Presented by Shree
Joy Mukerji Enterprises. The format of this globally acclaimed short film is in Digital (4 K). Monjoy Joy Mukerji is essaying the role of a navy officer, Karan Shroff who has been romantically paired opposite the charming and elegant Prithvi Hatte. This short film has been Written and Directed by Monjoy Joy Mukerji and it has been Produced by Neelam Mukerji.
Girl On The Beach has been winning laurels worldwide. The film has won more than 25 awards globally in 7 categories including the Best Romantic Film, Best Actress, Best Film Score, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Editor and Best Costume Designer.This film has won 6 International Film Festival Awards for Best Romantic Short Film at Rome, Tokyo, Rome Women Fiĺm Festival , Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai.
The actress Prithvi Hatte has won 6 International Film Festival Awards including the Best Actress Award in Rome, Rome Women Film Festival, Dubai, Hong Kong, Druk in Bhutan and Korea .
Ajay Singha has won 5 International Film Festival Awards and a mention which includes the Best Film Score at the Rome Women Film Festival, Hong Kong, Best Druk in Bhutan, Seoul, Dubai and an Honorable Mention at the Newyork Tri State International Film Festival. 
The Cinematographer Anil Singh received 4 International awards for this short film including being the Winner of Best Cinematography at the Druk in Bhutan, Stockholm City, Hong Kong and  Dubai.
Monjoy Joy Mukerji was the Winner of the Best Director Award at Rome and Bhutan's Druk.
The Editor, Manoj Maraiappa Nool was the Winner of the Best Editor Award at Rome and Druk in Bhutan.
The Costume Designer Irfan Kachi won the Best Costume Designer Award at Rome as well.

The entire team is on cloud nine after the short film Girl On The Beach received fame and recognition worldwide and they hope to win even more laurels in the near future.

Girl On The Beach Short Film :  https://youtu.be/SHW_jD5b2bY

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