Met disabled children and accepted the gift of their handicraft items.
With the wishes of His Majesty, the disabled will now do vigorous journalism.

Correspondent / Mumbai

  His Excellency the Governor of Maharashtra, Ramesh Bains organized a goodwill meeting with MNB Industrial Home for the Blind and Mission Journalism team at Raj Bhavan, Walkeshwar, Mumbai. On this occasion, visually impaired children presented handicraft items to him.

  In this special meeting with His Excellency Governor Bains, President of Mission Journalism, Shailesh Jaiswal, while giving information about the organization's ongoing Vichar Kranti campaign regarding positive journalism, told him that for the first time in the country, Mission Journalism is going to take such a step in which the blind, Efforts will be made to bring a positive revolution in the media world by training mute, deaf and other disabled students in TV news journalism. Where disabled people will make meaningful efforts to bring public awareness through their talent in journalism through the

organization's digital news channel. Jaiswal took pride that together with great individuals like Governor Bains, we are all working to bring better change for the society. Along with this, President of NAB India organization Vimal Kumar Dengla also thanked everyone!

  Social worker Babita Verma, the main organizer of this event, said on this occasion that she has always stood with the disabled people for their economic empowerment. Also, through mission journalism, she will continue to make continuous efforts to bring positive thought revolution in the society and media world.

  On this special occasion, His Excellency, describing himself as a sculptor, praised the handicraft items made by the disabled students. These items promote the skills and creativity of students with disabilities and encourage them to become self-reliant. He donated an amount of Rs 5 lakh to help disabled students. Through this donation, the Governor has provided a great help in the lives of students with disabilities and encouraged them towards an excellent education. Governor Bains has given a very inspiring and important message for this valuable time spent with students with disabilities, and he has made this occasion memorable for them.

   In this

discussion session, MNB CEO and journalist Mayank Shekhar moderated on behalf of the disabled students and greeted His Excellency while introducing the work of both the institutions. In this special meeting, President of Mission Journalism Women Zone Mrs. Babita Verma, Shraddha Singh, Prince Karan Singh Verma, ED of NAB India Pallavi Kadam, CES Ramakant Satam of MNB Home for Blind, disabled choreographers Jyoti and Shamim Ahmed etc. workers were present. Were.

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