Mumbai : Abhay Sinha was re-elected president of the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association  in 5 Years at the first meeting of its executive committee held on 30th September following its extraordinary general meeting and annual general meeting held the same day in Bombay. Sushama Shiromanee, Tinu Verma and Atul Patel were elected vice presidents while Babubhai Thiba was elected treasurer. Kukoo Kohli and Mahendra Dhariwal were elected hon. general secretary and joint secretary respectively. Nishant Ujjwal was elected general secretary from the FMC while Rajkumar Pandey was elected treasurer from the FMC. Harsukhbhai Dhaduk was elected treasurer from CHAMPP.Others elected to the executive committee were: Ashoke Pandit, Ratnakar Kumar, Bharat N. Patel, Ghanshyam G. Talaviya, Jagdishchandra B. Bariya, Manish Jain, Rakesh Nath ‘Rikku’, Roshan Singh, Vinod Gupta and Yusuf Shaikh.

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