Supriya Joshi, a renowned classical music artist in the Hindi music industry, is set to release her latest composition - "Mandirwa".
With an exceptional background rooted in traditional training under Ustad S. Sheik Indore and Kirana Gharana, Joshi has learned from legendary musicians such as Suresh Wadkar, Late Shri Ravindra Jain and Dr. T Unni Krishnan.
This new song tells a poignant story about a lower-middle-class office-going girl through traditional Raag Bhimpalasi’s classical Bandish. It showcases how Joshi blends classicism with innovation seamlessly producing an emotional journey that will captivate listeners' hearts. Joshi already had success last year with back-to-back hits like 'FITRATI', 'Ishq di dubki', 'BEET GAYE DIN' among other soulful compositions loved by fans worldwide.
This year begins just as well with the first traditional Raag Bhimpalasi classical bandish song of 2023 - "Mandirwa". The excitement surrounding its release began when Joshi shared pictures on Instagram looking ecstatic while holding up posters dressed elegantly in traditional attire.
 Dev created beautiful music for this track while Sanjay Das (Bapi) designed guitar parts bringing out the best elements of each instrument used within it. The video shot by Ashray Goyal captures real-life moments from Mumbai's vibrant streets which illustrate perfectly why it is such an exciting place full of energy that inspires creativity across various art forms.
 VD MEDIA {Vinay Singla} handles online promotion promising to make this masterpiece reach more people than ever before! "Mandirwa" promises to become another instant classic amongst all those who appreciate high-quality musical compositions produced by exceptional artists like Supriya Joshi!

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