The renowned Indian actor Ajay Devgn's multiplex chain NY Cinemas will reopen Heer Palace for the people of Kanpur, bringing new life to the iconic heritage of the city.
Heer Palace, one of Kanpur’s oldest movie theatre, was built in the year 1966 and is situated on Mall Road, the city's busiest street. Kanpur’s favourite Heer Palace which used to be a single screen cinema, has now been converted into a luxurious three-screen multiplex. 
It has all the amenities of a modern entertainment centre while maintaining a vintage movie theatre ambience. The architecture of NY Cinemas was inspired by the city's cultural diversity and abundance of historical landmarks, as it is evident from the building's façade and even when you are inside the cinema.
The entire theatre is split into two levels, with a seating capacity of around 700 people and refreshment booths on each level. The cinema is equipped with 3D screens and top of the line plush seats. 
This multiplex also features a screen with Dolby Atmos surround sound system, ensuring top-tier audio quality that enhances the overall movie watching experience of its patrons.
A cinema viewing experience is incomplete without popcorn and an appetizing meal thus NY Cinemas Kanpur offers variety of food options at Café NY, which serves moviegoers with mouth watering delicacies. A live station where foodies can enjoy a meal of their choice that is freshly prepared by handpicked chefs. The cinema also features NY store which is equipped with unique collectibles and celebrity-branded merchandise available on display.
In the words of Mr. Ajay Devgn “I want to bring people together from all sections of society where no one feels left out. This is purely for the passion and FOR THE LOVE OF CINEMA.” 
Keeping this as the brand ideology, NY Cinemas was founded, the initials of which were derived from Mr. Ajay Devgn's children's names, Nysa and Yug, indicating the business's core philosophy, which is rooted in pure love.
NY Cinemas is already operational in 11 cities making Kanpur its 5th city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. 
“Kanpur is one of the most significant cities in Uttar Pradesh. With Kanpur our objective is not just to make another movie theatre but to give Kanpurians an immersive entertainment space retaining the vintage feel and look of Heer Palace but in NY style. We sincerely hope that Kanpurians will welcome us with lots of love and offer their blessings.” said Mr. Rajeev Sharma, CEO of NY Cinemas.

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