Get Ready for an Adrenaline-Pumping Ride: 'AAZAM' Crime Thriller Trailer Launches with Star-Studded Event

Exploring the Underbelly of the Mumbai Underworld: Trailer for 'AAZAM' Drops, Featuring Jimmy Shergill in Complex Role

Mumbai: The much-awaited trailer of "AAZAM," the upcoming crime thriller featuring Jimmy Shergill, Abhimanyu Singh, and Indraneil Sengupta, was launched in Mumbai. Directed by Shravan Tiwari and produced by T.B. Patel, the film promises to be an adrenaline-pumping ride, full of suspense and intrigue.
The trailer offers a glimpse into the underbelly of the Mumbai underworld and the power struggle that ensues between the five partners who control the city's syndicate. The film's antagonist, Javed, played by Jimmy Shergill, is a close associate of Nawab Khan, one of the most powerful dons in the city's underworld.
Javed is a complex character with shades of grey, and the trailer hints at the character's motivations and psyche. The other characters in the film, including Kader, Nawab's son, and DCP Joshi, who is trying to stop the gang war havoc, add to the film's intrigue and suspense.
The trailer launch event was attended by the film's cast and crew, who expressed their excitement for the film's release on 19th May. Jimmy Shergill, who plays Javed, commented on the challenging nature of his role and the opportunity to explore a complex character.
Director Shravan Tiwari spoke about his passion for the project and the hard work that went into creating an immersive world for the audience. He promised a mix of crime, thriller, and mystery genres that will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. Under the banner of BMX motion pictures Pvt ltd,the film is produced by TB Patel and directed and penned by Shravan Tiwari. "Aazam" promises to be a cinematic experience that will keep audiences hooked till the very end. Don't miss this thrilling crime saga featuring Jimmy Shergill in dark character when it hits theatres on 19th May 2023.
Jimmy Shergill talked about his character Javed. He said I am excited to play the character of Javed in Aazam, which is a complex and grey character. The film promises to be a gripping crime thriller that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. I agree to do a film only after reading the script. After reading Azam's story, I said yes knowing that I would have to shoot at night for almost a month. Azam's screenplay will become an important reference for cinema students in future
On this occasion Abhimanyu quoted Honing my craft as an actor has been a lifelong journey for me, and every role that I undertake is an opportunity for me to grow as a performer. I believe that true success lies not just in commercial achievements but also in the satisfaction of having given my best to every project that I take up. Aazam is a crime thriller that takes you deep into the underbelly of Mumbai's underworld, and the complex characters and intense plot will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Indraneil is excited to play the role of a cop in this intense crime thriller. He added that the film has a unique storyline that explores the murky world of the Mumbai underworld, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Working alongside talented actors like Jimmy Shergill and Abhimanyu Singh has been a wonderful experience, and I can't wait for the audience to see the result of our hard work."

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