Mumbai : Richa Gupta Films is coming with a mind-blowing gripping original thriller “Auhaam”

After the launch of the teaser poster, the whole country was eager to know Auhaam hai kya? Richa Gupta, the producer of the film said “The biggest star of any film is the content of the film, and Bollywood has been missing a good gripping original thriller, with Auhaam the Gripping original thriller content will come back in Bollywood”.

The audience was waiting to know the name of that Bollywood star who was going to make a comeback with this film, and finally, the name is revealed and it is none other than powerful & dynamic Gripping original thriller content & story of the film. Basically, the movie itself is the superstar coming back to Bollywood.

The poster is quite intriguing & a lot of questions have arisen in all of our minds like what is the movie about? What does Auhaam mean?

The film is produced by Richa Gupta & co-produced by Rupa Gupta  under the banner of Richa Gupta Films, and directed by Ankit Hans starring Varun Suri, Manjeet Singh, and Divya Malik.

The trailer is out tomorrow 10th May 2023, and the film will get released on the big screens on 26th May 2023.

Auhaam is coming to enthral all of you with its captivating original thriller content which was missing in Bollywood for a long while. 

This summer Auhaam will leave you speechless with its extraordinary storyline, direction, and the overall thrilling unique concept of the film.

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