Sanya Thakur shoots with Vijay Devrakonda for an interesting Add for Sun-feast Milk Shake add, she’s said that he’s so humble to work with and such a great person to be on screen with!
Vijay Devrakonda says Sanya Thakur looks like South Indian Girl at first glance doing an Add with him! 
Sanya Thakur says he’s such a gem to work with! 
She was shooting with him for half Day and she said she felt the work was so smooth and easy. He’s a really good co-actor and best person to work with! She adds on - I’m new to South industry but be it Add or film it is great to work here as people are really good and easy going plus they’re really humble. As Be it Vijay such a bug star or Nikhil Sidhartha, my next film hero both are such a great human with lots of experiences. So it is all about the culture and place you belong from! I love to work here and it is always a great time with them!

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