Mumbai: Most celebrities have one thing in common and it is to splurge big on their first home. Supermodel and actor Ishita Gupta just purchased a $2 million gorgeous one bedroom apartment in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The actor paid around $2 million for the one bedroom condo which she absolutely fell in love with. Her very first nest is in the Andheri West Neighbourhood in Mumbai. She shared her excitement regarding the same on her social media handle @ishitarehagupta as she celebrated owning her very first house at a posh Mayfair shisha cafe, which is also where the model resides. Hailing from the Middle East, Ishita seems to have a natural likeness towards Middle Eastern eateries and shisha bars which we can tell as we spotted her celebrating her first crash pad at Julianos Bistro in Mayfair. The beauty is reportedly working simultaneously on building two brands at the moment called Isivis and Iygieia. Although not much has been revealed regarding the same, according to sources, Isivis is supposedly a clothing brand while Iygieia is a hygiene brand. 
We definitely couldn’t take our eyes off this beauty has she flaunts posing with a mouth smacking cheesy sea food pasta dish finished with avocado slices. We spotted her wearing a Christian Dior outfit as she raised a toast to her first home grooving to the iconic song from the movie Pathaan, “Besharam Rang. She completed her look pairing it with a Gucci bag while keeping her look simple yet classy as she opted for minimalistic make up and loose hair. One can also tell she is a fan of Starbucks as you can spot a trendy reusable Starbucks coffee cup. 
Ishita Gupta is undoubtedly the coolest Gen Z diva that we have. The exotic Indian beauty currently resides in a cosy one bedroom apartment in London’s most expensive neighbourhood Mayfair. Ishita’s fans were equally delighted with her achievement, praising her for the same. Well we hope to see the model achieve many more milestones and a successful career.

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