'Gajar Maulicha' program on Shemaroo Marathibana will take place from 12th to 17th March in Fursungi, many famous kirtan artists will be present

A chance for spectators to participate for free

Jagadguru Sant Tukaram while explaining the importance of the association of saints says that Dussehra Diwali is our festival, Sakhe Sant Jan will meet. In our Maharashtra today, along with these teachings of the saints, many kirtankars are doing the work of conveying Bhagavata stories, instructive interesting stories from Puranas, Abhang, Ova in a very interesting way through their sermons and kirtans. In today's hectic life, it is necessary for everyone to find the path of enlightenment and spirituality through kirtans. Keeping this goal in mind, Shemaroo Marathibana channel program Gajar Maulicha kirtan is coming to the audience for the last 3 years with the kirtan service of famous kirtan artists from Maharashtra. Fursungikars will now get a chance to be a part of this program of Gajar Mauli. Gajar Mauli will be filmed from 9 am in Harpale Vasti, Bhekrainagar in Fursungi from 12th to 17th March and the audience will be able to participate in it free of charge.
Many renowned kirtankars of the state will be participating in this program of Gajar Mauli. In this, on March 12, H.B.P. Supriyatai Sathe will tell the greatness of Gudhipadwa festival and related stories to the devotees while H.B.P. Santosh Paygude Maharaj will talk about Maharashtra Day about the culture of Maharashtra, its customs and traditions. On March 13, H.B.P. Babaji Chalak Maharaj will present the saga of Saint Chokhamela Samadhi ceremony and the saga of Saint Chokhamela and his life through his kirtan. So H.B.P. Samadhan Maharaj Bhojekar will present a kirtan reviewing the life of Punyashlok Ahilyabai Holkar on the occasion of her birth anniversary. On the same day H.B.P. Gajanan Dada Shastri will narrate the stories of bravery, prowess and humanity of Swarajya Rakshak Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj on his birth anniversary. On March 15, H.B.P. Sanjaynana Dhondge Maharaj will tell interesting stories of Hanuman through his kirtan. Apart from this, the audience will also get to see the discourse of Sandipal Maharaj, who carries forward the legacy of Satyapal Maharaj's Saptakhanjiri playing and entertains and enlightens the audience with his unique style of discourse.
The program 'Gajar Maulicha' which entertains people through spirituality on Shemaroo Marathibana channel is extremely popular among the audience. Audiences from Fursungi and surrounding areas will now get a chance to participate in this event. No ticket or entry fee will be charged for admission to this program and admission will be given on first come, first served basis. Apart from this, these episodes shot in Fursungi will be telecast on the channel Shemaroo Marathibanaa from March 27. Therefore, Shemaroo Marathibanaa channel has appealed to maximum number of viewers to participate in this.

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