CM Eknath Shinde announces the launch of Dharmaveer Media City, to be developed by Bodhitree Multimedia Ltd and Suman Entertainment

MUMBAI – Thane will be the location of a brand-new film city, which will provide the film industry with access to cutting-edge facilities and services while also fostering regional economic growth.

The chief minister of Maharashtra unveiled a new project ‘The Dharamveer Media City’ to be developed by Bodhitree Multimedia and Suman Entertainment.

Chief Minister Honourable Shri Eknath Shinde in his tweet shared,

Felt Happy to unveil

Dharmaveer Media City

A Joint Venture of @mautik and @shikshakmitrakj



The media city, specially created for the needs for the film, television, OTT industry will be built on a hub and spoke model and will spread across an area of 1000+ acres across and near Thane District. Dharmaveer Media City and its ancillary activities will bring in an inflow of 10,000+ crores of revenue and will create more than 1,00,000 job opportunities once all the phases are completed. Dharmaveer Media city will feature facilities for international-standard filming, as well as tourism, & a skill development institute. It will also provide future proof production and post production technologies to attract foreign filmmakers to India.

Mautik Tolia, the director of Bodhitree Multimedia Ltd, expressed his excitement by stating, "We are thrilled to announce the development of Dharmaveer Media City." India is a sleeping giant when it comes to creative talent in film & entertainment content production. This can be harnessed effectively by global film makers and platforms. India will provide them tools to deliver both- cost effective and top quality creative content with an investment of 1000 crore to be infused into the project over various phases. The infrastructure that this Media city will offer will outdo the best global facilities.”

Kedar Joshi, director of Suman Entertainment, shares, “It will stimulate economic growth in the Thane region by providing the film industry with a location on par with the best in the world. The primary goal of the development of Dharamveer Media city is to promote and publicize Maharashtra's cultural, mythological, and historical heritage, as well as its rich traditions, through films. This brand-new media city is an important development for the Indian film industry as a whole.”

Indian Media & Entertainment (M&E) sector is resurging & expected to reach above INR2 Trillion by 2024. 80% of revenues will be generated through Television, Films, Digital media, Animation & vfx, Music. The Rise of OTT platforms, increasing internet penetration & Smartphone usage giving a boost to content consumption in India. In spite of being a Trillion Dollar Industry, It is ironic that Indian M&E industry does not have physical & human infrastructure to leverage new age technologies like VR, AR, Meta-verse in spite of unparalleled opportunities.

The presence of shooting locations alone is not sufficient to attract film makers & production houses. Supporting infrastructure is required to enhance the viability of the region & location for shooting films & provide a significant advantage over other locations in other regions. Lack of skilled manpower increases cost & time of productions thereby acting as a deterrent for filmmakers to shoot. Dharmaveer Media City aims to be the solution to all these deterrents.

The project, with an aim to match the international standards of filmmaking, will encourage all phases of film production and offer various amusements to the public. The Dharmaveer Media City will boost realty Sector, provide employment for residents, generate local revenue, bolster local business, increase use of otherwise unused facilities in Thane Region.

Bodhitree Multimedia Ltd is a leading production house in India, known for producing critically acclaimed and commercially successful films across a range of genres. The company has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting and dynamic film production companies in the industry and serves as a platform for launching new talents. They have worked on over 30 shows for TV and OTT in multiple genres and different languages.

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