Mumbai : People come to Bollywood to become an actor, writer or director, but I have come to become a good producer and story is more important to me than an actor, that's why I have started film making on good and pure stories under Krishna Shanti Production House. The film 'Ishq Pashmina' Krishna Shanti Production is an embodiment of this idea, says Suraj Surya Mishra.

 Originally from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Suraj Surya Mishra wanted to become an actor in his childhood. Govinda is his favorite hero. But in the struggle Suraj Surya of life, it's dream of becoming an actor has been buried somewhere and he became a well-known businessman and social worker of Uttar Pradesh. He got a lot of success in the business of real estate and transport. After making a mark in business, Suraj Surya Mishra thought of fulfilling his childhood dream, but this time he wanted to become a producer, not an actor. Based on this idea, Suraj Surya along with his wife Shalu Mishra, laid the foundation of Krishna Shanti Production in the year 2021 in memory of his parents.

The film 'Ishq Pashmina' is Krishna Shanti Production's first effort. Suraj Surya and his team worked day and night to make this film. According to Suraj Surya, he has worked on a great story with his understanding. Which is filled with deep feelings of love. Suraj Surya and Shalu have more faith in new talent, they believe that new people do the work with full enthusiasm. They have the passion to do the best. Famous influencer Bhavin Bhanushali and Malti Chahar are in lead roles in the movie Ishq Pashmina. Zarina Wahab and Brijendra Kala are very important roles while Kainaat Arora has done the item song. Not only this, Suraj Surya has given a good opportunity to many actors of Uttar Pradesh especially Lucknow in this first film. The writer and director of this film is Arvind Pandey, who is originally from Lucknow. Arvind is not only the writer and director of our film but also dear friend of Suraj Surya. His passion for his work was like a lifeline to entire team. Suraj Surya says that if we have female power with us, we can easily do the biggest work, in this work Shakti Swarupa, my wife Shalu Mishra keeps inspiring me and my team. The DOP in this film is Naveen Mishra, casting director Mitul Patel and editor is Wellknown Rajesh Pandey. These people have been an invaluable contribution in the better making of the film Ishq Pashmina.

Shalu Mishra told that there are total five songs in this film which have been composed by Sham-Balkar and Shashwat Prakhar Bhardwaj while these songs have been written by Sham-Balkar and Arvind Pandey. These songs have been sung by Javed Ali, Palak Muchhal, Yasir Desai, Raj Barman, Sakshi Holkar and Pratiksha Srivastava. Suraj Surya has high hopes from this film, he believes that today most of the big films do not like the audience, a big reason behind this is the lack of a good story. There is no emotion in the film. Today people are busy copying Hollywood and Tollywood movies by not working on pure stories, this is not good for Hindi cinema and Hindi cinema lovers.

In the opinion of Suraj Surya Mishra and Shalu Mishra, there is no dearth of good talent in the country but they are not getting a good break. We will definitely give a chance to at least 10 new actors according to their talent in each of our films.

Right now our first priority is to make Ishq Pashmina a successful film. Because making a film is easy here but releasing the film well is a very difficult task. It is releasing on 23rd September across the country.

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