Mumbai : A new and exciting sport coming to India DMIL360, a Florida - borne company is proud to announce its action plan to launch the New and Revolutionary Sport of the 21st century, HANETBALL360 in India Boca Raton, Florida : CEO and founder of DMIL360, announced Hanetball360, a new sport with a unique approach is coming to the Indian people. The sport was created to develop untouched talents and empower minds. Hanetball360 is the only sport ever created that leverages the "Quantum Thinking360TM" theory , requiring players to think of ways to score and defend in every direction instead of the linear mode of playing of virtually every other sport. The game is most fun and exciting! Unlike Basketball, Football, Soccer and the likes, Hanetball is played in a "360 - degree" motion where players can go around the Grundnet to try to score, win or defend. 

Using this approach (QuantumThinking360TM), players are able to expand their minds and explore possibilities of winning that wouldn't be possible with other sports. It is a low - impact, minimal contact sport that does not require a certain body mass or stature, making it easily accessible to anyone who wants to play. 

 When asked Mr. Fritz Valdeus, the inventor of Hanetball360, "what does it mean to you to bring Hanetball360 to India? 

"He replied, "The goal of Hanetball360 in India is multifaceted, but the primary purpose is to make a positive change in the world. He continued to say "The Vision of Hanetball360 is to revolutionize the world of sports by creating possibilities for individuals from all walks of life and physical abilities to play and enjoy Hanetball360 on a global scale. 

 He noted "when introduced to children, the sport's Quantum Thinking360 theory allows them to be creative and expand their circle' to build problem - solving skills and spatial awareness. Hanetball360 is fast growing in the United States, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. The sport is also making prepared to be established in Canada and other countries as well. The first Championship League is scheduled to play at Nova Southeastern University, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on October 16, 2022, where it's already making headway and people are excited and buzzed all over about it.

 "Nothing like it exists in the sports world, "said Adrienne Mazzone, President of Transmedia Group. "Hanetball360 naturally connects our inner selves to our passionate emotions and is destined to become the sport of the future, "Mazzone added.

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