Mumbai: Youth sensation Ashish Patil who started his journey with a Youtube channel, comes back with his new song ‘Pinda Waale’ in collaboration with Mirzaa aka Akash Sharma. Inspired by Hiphop music, the song is a Punjabi Hiphop track that is composed by Ashish himself whereas the lyrics are penned by Mirzaa. ‘Pinda Waale’ is a song focused on today’s younger generation that is stubborn yet ambitious and portrays how youngsters are obsessed with their neighborhood and their cars.

This is the second collaboration of Ashish and Akash after the success of their first song, ‘Beparwaiyan’ that received a lot of love from the audience. The song was created in one day where both the artists were sitting in the studio while Ashish worked on the beats and Akash penned the lyrics at the same time. The young artists give the credit not only to themselves, but to the entire team who has been a part of the song.

Excited about the new release, Akash said, “Everyone has their own musical preferences. Some people prefer Punjabi music, while others prefer Bollywood Hindi music, but when it comes to this song, it has both. The music is excellent, and the words are well-written, so we anticipate that both male and female listeners will enjoy it.”

Overjoyed with the song release, Ashish said, “I started my YouTube channel four years ago, and in 2016 I wrote a handful of original songs that didn't work out, so several of my friends advised me to do covers. I just want to provide my best as an artist, and I'm confident that I'm doing it correctly and in the following years, I'll give my best. Our previous track ‘Beparwaiyan’ received a very good response and we’re extremely happy about it. We expect the same from this song, and with Qyuki's help, we aim to serve some incredible tracks in the future.”

Team Qyuki :

Co-Founded by Samir Bangara, A.R.Rahman and Shekhar Kapur, Qyuki is a data-driven new media company which discovers & invests in India’s most influential creators to help them rapidly grow their audience, create content and launch new IPs. Qyuki has to its name several premium formats like ARRived - a singing talent hunt show with A. R Rahman as a mentor, Jammin’ - a collaboration-focused music show where legendary Bollywood composers and India’s top Internet icons create original tracks - and NEXA Music - a nationwide talent hunt for English-language singers.

 In Jan 2020, Qyuki created a breakthrough format of fan festival called Epic Fam Jam, which brought together India’s biggest online sensations - in thematic mini-worlds of their own for superfan meetups - topped with incredible live performances. Qyuki also exclusively manages a host of talent across various digital platforms including Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and Josh.

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