(Sushilajeet Sahani) Nasik : COVID 19 pandemic since last 3 years has produced great number of mortality and morbidity. The rate of transmission was very high, it took just few months for this virus to occupy the whole world and took a shape of pandemic. Lot many initiatives were taken up by government to put an end to this pandemic but inspite of all these precautions taken the disease spread was not being controlled and all the measures like lock down, use of mask, social distancing,travelling restrictions etc. Has proven to be inadequate. The medical fraternity tried to find out various remedial solutions, many of them proved to be working but were expensive. So it required further thinking to get comprehensive information regarding the dynamics of disease and it has been found that certain preventive measures like balanced nutrition, exercise and yoga, sound sleep and rest, gargling should be considered important. I want to also make a special mention regarding psychological approach towards this disease. One should not develop unnecessary anxiety and fear towards this disease, even the COVID positive patients should not have apprehension regarding disease while on a treatment. 

Being a Homoeopath we have used Arsenic album 30 as per the directions of CCRH and AYUSH as a prophylaxis. We can use Homoeopathic medicines  as a adjuvant therapy in critical cases. Homoeopathic treatment is cost effective and easily accessible as well as accepted by everyone. Homoeopathic medicines in COVID 19 condition has shown their efficacy.

Thus, we can tackle this pandemic successfully with above approaches.

- Prof. Dr. Swanand Shukla,

HOD, Department of Community Medicine.

Motiwala National Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Nashik.

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