The partnership aims to aid partnering schools with 360-degree support and provide a one-stop solution for their financial, operational, and academic needs

Mumbai : Indian School Finance Company (ISFC), a non-banking finance company, has signed an MoU with one of the leading learning solutions providers to schools and children in India, Chrysalis, to enter into a partnership. The association aims to provide 360-degree assistance to the affiliated schools.

The partnership will provide schools with a ‘one-stop solution’ for their financial, operational, and academic needs. The said consortium will also help both the establishments to be at their collaborative best and sync their operations, which will streamline the positives and empower them to scale the offerings to many schools in India. Through this partnership ISFC will get access to 1800 schools of Chrysalis for funding & Chrysalis in turn gets access to ISFC 5000 school universe for content.

The objective of ISFC is to assist the schools and other educational institutions in capacity building through infrastructure improvements, thereby enabling students to access quality education. It is the first enterprise in the world to be in the business of exclusively funding educational institutions. ISFC’s focus area envelopes the entire education segment - affordable private schools, private schools, playschools, private degrees, vocational colleges, coaching centers, among others.

Chrysalis has been a pioneer in transforming education through its solution ThinkRoom. Chrysalis offers ThinkRoom Blended Learning programme in partnership with KidsLoop a Global EdTech platform to transform school education in India. Over 1800+ schools and 9 lacs children have been impacted through ThinkRoom in India.

Speaking about the partnership and its prospects, Sandeep Wirkhare, MD & CEO at ISFC, said, “Education is the panacea to all ills of the society. We at ISFC believe that. We have been the first company in the world to fund educational institutions, which gives us immense pride. To develop human potential from the grass-root level is a work unlike any other. It needs vital constituents to unlock a child’s potential through education, one being finance and the other being quality of education. The partnership with Chrysalis will equip us to be financial contributors to the cause and envisage a bigger picture with the quality of education.”

“Quality has always trumped quantity in all walks of life. At Chrysalis, we have embedded this theory in the development of the educational curriculum. We aim to eliminate mediocrity within the education system with our pioneering ThinkRoom Programme. The partnership with one of the leading education segment lenders, ISFC, streamlines our thought process with practically bringing more learning centers within the umbrella of our services.” Said Chitra Ravi, Founder & CEO, Chrysalis.

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