1.5 crore people did Sundarkand lessons

Ekal -Srihari record programm

More than 43 lakh families (More than 15 million people) joined. from all over the world in a world class mass Sundarkand chanting organized on digital platform on the day of Dussehra under the auspices of Ekal Shrihari working in forest area.

The event was telecast live on Subharti Channel. Giving this information, Vijay G., kedia President of Srihari Satsang Samiti Mumbai said that the event aimed to involve 25 lakh families across the country associated with a Ekal Abhiyan but by the eve of Dussehra, the names of 43,26,510 families had been registered from various divisions of India including 173784 people from Maharashtra. Due to Kovid 19 in Mumbai, the families associated with the institution sat in their homes and read Sundarakand on Zoom and went live through other mediums including Facebook. Thousands of families, including senior donor Ramakant Tibrewala, joined the event here. From 6 am to 10 pm, more than 43 lakh Hanuman devotees in the country longitude read the Sunderkand by choosing the time according to their convenience. This was the first time for an organization to recite such a large number of Sundarkand in one day. Efforts are being made to record this achievement in the Guinness Books of World Records.

This world class Sundarkand chanting was organized in Hindi speaking areas as well as different local languages in non-Hindi speaking areas. Programs were also broadcast live in local languages from various places in South India. In the Northeast and some areas of Bengal where Sundarkand is not read, one hour 'Hare Ram Hare Krishna' sankirtan was organized in such places. On the same day, a live group recitation of Sundarkand was performed by the narrators of the organization in Ranchi in association with Satish Tulsian and Rekha Jain from 4 pm to 7.30 pm. During this time, members joining from abroad were also directly connected with the event. Glimpses of the lessons taking place in different regions of the country / abroad were shown from 4 to 5 pm and the Sunderkand recitation started from 5 pm. Short films were also shown on various works of solo campaign at the beginning and end of the program. It was telecasted on Subharti channel.

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