Second Income Trading offers systematic way to learn how to earn income from stock market with help of time tested strategies

Mumbai : Second Income Trading, an alternative income generating services started today. The company aims to help people generate second source of income through stock market investment.  The company will offer e-learning modules to teach people about systematic investment and thereafter helping to ensuring a steady income from the markets.
The company founder Mr Prakash Jadhav, a financial expert, plans to provide e-learning as the medium to achieve the company's vision. 
Speaking on the launch, Mr Prakash Jadhav, Founder – Second Income Trading, said, "The Covid 19 pandemic has severely impacted at the global level, be it MSMEs, bigger businesses or entrepreneurs all have been affected.  The hardest hit has come to those people who depend on their monthly income to meet their expenses for running the homes, EMI’s, school-fees, medical bills and other recurring expenses which takes up a major chunk of their income. Job loss and unemployment is across sectors. During such time, bringing a secondary source of income will help people in getting back to their normal life and will also help them in shaping a better tomorrow for themselves and people dependent on them”.
Further he added, “Second Income Trading is a lifeline for those who need the financial security.  The company aims to help people learn new systematic techniques through logical training from experts and counselling. The vision is to enable working professionals, small businessmen and home-based people to earn from the stock markets & investment. Profiting from stock market does not need only sound analysis, but also psychological control and managing risk well. To master all this, one needs sound mentoring. It is practically impossible to succeed in stock market without all of these. We are trying to make it all available to people through Second Income Trading’s interactive online courses”
The company is offering e-Learning online live course. It can be attended from anywhere in the world - it advises on how to generate income through investments, thereby securing the time and money invested in learning the skill to generate another source of income.

About Second Income Trading:
Second Income Trading is a StartUp focused on educating people for investing in the stock markets for generating a new line of income through e-learning modules prepared by experienced experts help to master the skills required and deploy them.

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