Mumbai : UK-based, AI driven study abroad platform, Edvoy has announced its launch in India.  Created by IEC Abroad, Edvoy is a free online platform, providing impartial advice, content and support to prospective international students with their university applications.
Edvoy is a digital platform that uses both technology and real-life advisors  to help students research the right course for them, scholarship options, apply and arrange students’ right to study in the destination country. In addition to the application process, Edvoy will also advise students on accommodation, medical insurance and arrival at university. Edvoy uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify the application process by allowing students to apply to multiple universities in the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland and many other countries across the world, in one place.
Speaking on the launch, Sadiq Basha, Founder and CEO, Edvoy said, “Launching Edvoy has been a milestone in my ambition, understanding the growing needs of students aspiring to study abroad.  Edvoy has been launched to simplify the world of education through technology by empowering students, planning to study in universities abroad, to make more informed decisions throughout their journey. The streamlined platform helps prospective students to connect with education providers across the globe, to get advice in finding their perfect course and applying for the same. In our opinion, world-class overseas education is something everybody should have access to irrespective of their location. Through Edvoy, we would like to accelerate every student’s dream to study abroad come true.”
Vijay Sricharan, South Asia Director, Edvoy, said “The launch of Edvoy in India will prove to be a milestone as it will fulfill the dream of Indian students who want to take admission in foreign universities. Through our digital platform, that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, students in India will be able to get an in-depth understanding of global universities. Currently, the COVID pandemic has made the search of the right university difficult for students, but a platform like ours, will be able to resolve all the challenges that students face through our tech-driven approach.”
As part of further expansion, Edvoy plans to add Australia and Europe to the list of study destinations for students from Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas through partnerships with universities in the destination countries.
During this uncertain time, with COVID-19 placing a question mark over university places for 2020 and 2021, Edvoy has been consistently working in close association with universities around the globe to help students realise their dream.

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