Rajesh Bapodara is a young entrepreneur, son of the soil who has intense knowledge and interest in farming since he belongs to an extremely humble family of farmers from Portbander also known as Sudamapuri. He has also started Rishi Agro to promote organic farming and products and organic Fertilizer in the year 2019. He had been passionate about business and making his identity as a great business tycoon since a very young age. He was eager to work hard and gain as much knowledge and expertise required for the same. He was an aspiring young boy who was the first in his family to travel across seas, go to Dubai and enter the gold n diamond business back  in 1998. At the age of 21, Rajesh was fortunate enough to travel to more than 30 countries for learning, relearning , inspiring , motivating and achieving his dreams.
There came the time when he ventured in to the business of the future. He entered in to the e-commerce rage 2008 and became tremendously successful. He introduced and developed the world of e commerce dynamically in to many states of India by leading and making several entrepreneurs. He had started the dream of building the leaders of the country and has not looked back since then, he follows the same aim and is involved in empowering and motivating people across the globe.
Along with his enriching performance in his Gold and Diamond business , he used his skills and expertise in digital media too. In the year 2015, he started with the digital magazine which was on the first online magazine on lifestyle in the country. The magazine talks about fashion, beauty, health and fitness, yoga and meditation, voice modulation, Hollywood and Bollywood , travel and lifestyle, you and me, business technology, sports events to name a few.
Rajesh also holds the title of an inspiring motivational speaker whose words come straight from heart and his words are so appealing to audience that they can relate to themselves so easily. He has made his remarkable speeches, motivational talks in many business forums like IIT Mumbai and Merchant Navy Association, MUI and CNBC industrialize forum, where he has persuaded the young generation in the right direction. He was also honoured to be in the panel of judges in the most prestigious Mrs. India Pageant , 2016.
Keeping in mind with upcoming technology like Mobile application and software and data management and AI and Digital world, Rajesh made an entry in the field of IT and started an IT firm called Renotechno in the February 2019.
Mr. Rajesh is fond of showcasing the new talents of the masses and giving them platform through Mr. and Ms.  Be Attractive fashion show. He also practises ( KALPA Vruksha) online and offline Meditation programme called ‘Meditate and be Attractive’ which is totally unique for inner strength and wealth creation and is exceptionally helpful to overcome  any challenges in life.

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