The wait has surely been worth as Kartik Aaryan finally releases the new episode of his internet-breaking chat show Koki Poochega. In the latest episode he talks about the much important issue that should be highlighted for sure in current times. The actor speaks about mental health issues with psychiatrist Dr Geetha Jayaram.
The actor in the past has interviewed several frontliners from various fields right from a doctor to a reporter and spread awareness about the fatal virus. But in the latest episode he spreads awareness about an illness that is less-talked about, as hazardous as a pandemic and needs utmost attention. Sharing a glimpse of the interview on social media, Kartik captioned the video saying, ‘Most important Episode. Dekho aur batao !! Episode 7 out now,' and it is indeed an important episode.
He interviews psychiatrist Dr Geetha Jayaram from John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore. The actor rightly opens the episode by saying, ‘Awareness mein bura hee kya hai (there is nothing wrong in spreading awareness),’ as he gives a brief introduction to the importance of mental health. He later introduces us to the expert Dr Geetha Jayaram and warns her that he won’t be using the D word (referring to Depression) but rather call it Devdas.
What follows thereafter is a complete eye-opener and surely an episode every youth and adult should watch. While depression and other mental illnesses are rarely talked about and people suffering from it barely share their trauma, the actor asks the guest-psychiatrist the right questions. Right from knowing what are the actual signs of being in depression, is alcohol an actual vaccine for depression to even asking that are depression and suicide co-related, Aaryan asks all. The young actor asks these sensitive questions not just for his own understanding but to make sure that the viewers who’re watching it get aware about it. Kartik Aaryan surely educates everyone with this episode and does a great job.
As soon as the episode hit the internet, hashtag #KokiPoochega started trending on social media as netizens shared their love for the new episode and applauded the young superstar’s move. This episode has indeed made this internet-breaking series now even a path-breaking one.

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