Hello everyone,

Given the current scenario of the Covid19 pandemic and the untimely demise of our dear colleague Sushant, this year me and my father have decided to have no celebration on birthday and we urge people to stay safe and stay indoors as much as they can. 

Namashi appeals and request everyone to take out time and discuss things with your family members, friends and circle regularly. Share and understand their emotions, thoughts and feelings without any cross arguments or quarrels.
He urges to Accept and learn to live with all kinds of people around you. No matter what you like and dont like. Dont hurt anyone with your words ever. Let your ego go off forever. Dont differentiate between right and wrong. Just listen. Patiently. Let everyone speak out their minds and hearts. Because depression is the biggest killer. No matter who we are, we really dont know what someone in our friends, family and circle is going through. Allow their thoughts and feelings to come out in the form of words. We all can save a life by just building a small habit of listening.

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