Arjun kapoor calls it Top class!

While trollers are quite the menace on social media, this one kind of trollers featuring on Kartik Aaryan’s video has left us in splits and is super-adorable. While the actor has managed to make us laugh throughout this lockdown phase, the video he shared yesterday got everyone laughing and thanks to his family who leaves him speechless and amazed.
Kartik Aaryan was tagged by Amitabh Bachchan on social media to take part in the ongoing Gulabo Sitabo tongue-twister challenge. The young superstar got really excited about this and recorded the video where he’s seen mouthing the difficult tongue-twister effortlessly. But what follows is something we had not imagined and nor Kartik himself. When the actor breaks the big news that he was tagged by Big B himself, his mother just shrugs and is not ready to believe. His mother even says “Kya unke itne bure din aa gaye hain jo wo tujhe tag karenge (He’s (Amitabh Bachchan) is going through bad days that he will tag you?). Kartik who’s disheartened by his own mother replies, “Mummy, mere achche din bhi to aa sakte hain? (my good days can also come right?)” After being turned down by his mother, Kartik turns to his sister and tells her the great news, she too laughs on his face and makes him look dillusional about Amitabh Bachchan tagging him. Kartik Aaryan is so shocked by his family trolling him that he shares the video with a sarcastic and yet witty comment saying, “Family is the biggest support system dey said.”
You’ve got to watch this hilarious video as its too funny and so relatable because every household has family members who never believe the big news too easily. While several celebrities took part in this trending challenge, netizens have loved this one and undoubtedly called the best Gulabo-Sitabo video as it has made them roll on the floor with laughter. Even Kartik’s friends and actors Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor dropped comments expressing their laughter for this video. Well, what can we say whatever Kartik Aaryan does it leaves a great impact on social media and surely a lasting one.

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