It seems that more and more people from the film industry people are coming for the help of the needy who are stuck for coronavirus. After actor Sonu Sood and choreographer Ricky Jackson it's now the turn of writer and producer Sam Panigrahi who distributed free food in Mumbai city.
Sam Panigrahi of Karuvaki Motion Pictures says, "It is been a privilege for me to feed some of the people of Mumbai. It is the blessing of my father and mother, that I am capable to do something for the loving people my country. My wife and son is far away from me but their love is always with me".

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  1. Proud of you sir... Today Our country is in need of such more steps to be taken for the needed ones... keep spreading smiles...

  2. Thank You Very much for your love

  3. Great job sir. Very kind of you. God Bless you.