Tahira Kashyap Khurrana and her lockdown tales have managed to create the right buzz in the on-going lockdown period. After winning us all with her beautiful Mother's Day lockdown tale recently, the filmmaker-writer has this time around picked a subject which brings focus to the harsh realities of our society. Tahira's latest lockdown take touches the subject of domestic violence, reminding us of how it has specifically increased massively in the current situation.
Her lockdown tale talks about a domestic violence victim who's been locked in with her abuser in the same house due to the Covid - 19 lockdown. The story aims to educate people to bring an end to this social stigma and support those victims of who are dealing with this trauma everyday of their lives. For the unversed, there is a spike in domestic violence cases ever since the stay at home order kicked in.
Domestic virus is one of the many tales that Tahira has shared on her ‘the lockdown tales’ series on her Instagram page.
Talking about the lockdown tale, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana said in an official statement, "Lockdown has a completely different meaning for each individual. I like to write about hopeful things, even if the current scenario is the opposite I still like to see that bleak line of a hopeful future. This story is about domestic abuse. The arch of the story can make you feel two ways about it’s protagonist. To be hopeless in a hopeful situation or to cling on to hope despite unfavourable circumstances is a decision like this story’s characters all of us also face in real life too.
With Tahira Kashyap Khurrana giving us a ray of positivity in these challenging time, here's looking forward to better days in each of our lives.

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