Yet another prominent filmmaker awestruck by the scenic beauty, breathtaking locations, and more so by the affectionate people of Calgary. Vinod Tiwari, a well recognized face from Bollywood with his most recent hit film as Director ‘Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle’ and ‘Tabadla' was on a visit to Calgary, Canada. When Mr. Tiwari was taken around these breathtaking locations by Mr. Rajiv Sharma and Mr. Amrit Brar, he was so overwhelmed with joy and emotions that he decided to wait no longer and announce his next film ‘Love in Canada’ which will be shot in Calgary, Canada!
In Mr. Tiwari’s words of appreciation, he was truly grateful towards Mr. Rajiv Sharma of Time Asia and Mr. Amrit Brar of bombay house production for helping him reach and explore  these beautiful locations. Another highlight of Mr. Tiwari’s visit to Calgary was his extensive exchange of dialogue with Mr. Rajesh Gangahar, a notable theatre personality from the Punjab theatre fraternity and an actor who has recently settled in Canada. Mr. Tiwari was so impressed by Mr. Gangahar that he suggested a role for him in his upcoming ventures ‘Pryagraj' and ‘Zila Gorakhpur'.
Vinod Tiwari asks the people of Calgary to look forward to his upcoming ventures with great enthusiasm!

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