Mumbai :- Sandstone Entertainment founder Pankaj Kamal said that It Will Be First App For Indian Cinema Industry.
sandstone App is Now Ready to give Netflix and Amazon Primes a run for their money! At least in India! In Entertainment Industry Netflix and Amazon Primes of the OTT world are wooing the urban youth, there’s Sandstone App totally Targetting all round massy audience! which is now available for viewing has been working on interesting content, content that’s for everyone!
Starting on the journey for setting up this OTT platform, founder Pankaj Kamal recalls how one movie that he produced led to the making of Sandstone. PANKAJ Say’s That The film was made at a modest budget and we faced major issues while releasing it. And when somehow the film made it to the cinema halls it didn’t make good returns. That experience was enough to think that there’s got to be a better future for such films. This search led us to a lot of research and many tried and failed attempts before finally coming up with Sandstone, So what makes this app different? It’s price point! “While other apps charge High Pay To customers For Their Work But We Will Give Same At Low, mine is an app that anyone and everyone can download and consume content Like Photos, Movies, Web Series Or Any Others Like In Business Or Any Celebreties LifeStyle At Very Low Cost.Yes, you heard that right! It’s as low as that!” exclaims.
 Correcting before being misconstrued as a lowly app with low quality content Pankaj Kamal says, “This content is targeted not at an age group or urban youth. This App And Website Is Now Ready To Launch With High quality Products.

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