Kabir M Love Last 17 Years as Photography Filed in bollywood and last 15 Years as a media Photojournalist. He bags Best Fashion Bollywood Award 2012 By Aaj ki delhi Toady National Monthly Magazine.  Movies IMDb listing Kabir M Love. 
Mango Dreams An English Film, Kabir play as a Snooty Waiter with Pankaj Trapathi, Ram Gopal Bajaj NSD Director ‘Mango Dreams’ an English language Indian film which delves into how the India-Pakistan partition affects a person’s life. Directed by John Upchurch, the story of the film, set in today's times, follows a Partition survivor and a doctor named Amit (theatre veteran Ram Gopal Bajaj), who is suffering from dementia and fears that memories closest to him will fade away sooner or later. He decides to go on a road trip from Ahmedabad to the Pakistan border before dementia overpowers him completely. Joining him in the journey is Salim (Pankaj) - a Muslim character - who has a back story about losing his wife in the 2002 Gujarat riots.
  Kabir also played important role in The Last Breath Hindi Film Saansein 2016 CAST : Sonarika Bhadoria, Rajniesh Duggall, Hiten Tejwani, Neetha Shetty under the DIRECTION: Rajiv S. Ruia.
  Kabir M Love Play as Gandhi in Bhojpuri film Khuddar in 2019 Presented by Tanvi Multimedia Producer by Deepak Shah Directed by Dinesh Yadav  Cast: Gunjan Singh, Anjana singh , Manoj Tiger, Sanjay Tiwari, Karan Pandy, Nisha Dubey and Kabir M Love

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