After the recent announcement about his generous donation towards the Kerala relief fund, Amitabh Bachchan helped the farmers pay off their debts and also help the families of martyrs. Along with Jaye Bachchan, the thespian personally handed over the amount to the farmers and army Martyrs families privately in Mumbai. 

He was given a concrete list of Shaheed families and farmers by the Maharashtra government which helped him materialise his help towards these families. He called those families privately to his house and along with the gracious Jaya Bachchan, personally handed them the cheques and NOCs.

Rs 2.03 crores have given to 360 farmers all over Maharashtra..The farmers have been given an NOC and their loans have been directly cleared by Mr Bachchan with the bank, which means the farmers are now debt free for life.

Rs 2.20 crores were given to 44 Martyr families in Maharashtra. There are 112 beneficiaries, as from the total amount, 60 % goes to the widow, 20% to the army martyr's mother and father, respectively.

He blogged emotionally foe the same, "They gave up their lives for the nation .. they left behind wives, parents, young children, and some yet to be born .. they fought for our lives for our protection and for our nation .. they sacrificed, so we could live to write about them.. I collected a list of them, called a symbolic few over and gave them some monetary relief .. they are 44 that sacrificed their lives.. I honoured 112 of their family .. I shall continue to do more within my limited means .. but I shall not call them over to meet them personally .. I do not do this for self gain or praise..I shall not meet them for it is difficult to see the faces of those that they left behind .. to suffer the pain of departure, absence and the uncertainty of the future ..Of those that came over .. there was not a single smile on any .. choked with emotion, I tried to get over the formality as soon as I could and left .. it is hard .. very hard to imagine their pain anguish and helplessness .. I hope there can be an example here for many more to come forward and extend whatever help they can for these true heroes ..And then soon after , the farmers  .. loans with Banks and committing suicide for sums of 10-15-20, 000 rupees .. shocking .. I paid off their loans .. 360 of them , within whatever means of my personal .. had done it before .. shall do it again ..their smiles and gratitude was heartwarming..life shifts .. from the dark to the light .. and may it ever for us all .. particularly for them that find themselves insecure and with need .. farmers .."

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