The video features Yashika Basera and Jatinder Singh in the starring roles

The music video "Ashq Kaise Chupaogi" was launched, accompanied by a press conference at Bedia Film Studio in Mumbai. The video, produced by Sanjay Bedia Girgaonkar, stars Yashika Basera and Jatinder Singh.
Music lovers have a new treat with the release of "Ashq Kaise Chupaogi." This soulful track, now available on the Bedia Film Music YouTube channel, showcases the collaborative efforts of several talented individuals in the music industry.
Produced by Sanjay Bedia Girgaonkar, "Ashq Kaise Chupaogi" features the emotive voice and composition of Aman Khan. Directed by Munish Kalyan, the music video adds a visual storytelling layer that complements the song's heartfelt lyrics, penned by Salim Ilahi Isrisi.
The music video was shot in the landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, providing a stunning backdrop that enhances the song's emotional depth.
Don't miss out on experiencing "Ashq Kaise Chupaogi" on the Bedia Film Music YouTube channel.
The music video "Ashq Kaise Chupaogi" tells a poignant love story set in Himachal Pradesh, centered around a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy. Despite their deep affection for each other, their relationship faces severe opposition from their parents and community due to religious differences. The narrative explores the struggles and emotional turmoil the couple endures as they fight for their love against societal norms and prejudices. Their journey highlights the challenges of interfaith relationships and the impact of cultural and religious barriers on personal happiness.
The press conference for the highly anticipated music video "Ashq Kaise Chupaogi" was held today. The event was attended by producer Sanjay Bedia Girgaonkar, actress Yashika Basera, Parul Thakur, and actor Arif Khan. The star-studded event provided insights into the making of the music video, generating excitement among fans and media alike. Stay tuned for its upcoming release.
In a today's press conference for the music video "Ashq Kaise Chupaogi," producer Sanjay Bedia Girgaonkar emphasized his commitment to talent over superficial attributes. He declared his production house's ongoing search for upcoming artists based solely on their inner abilities, welcoming actors, dancers, writers, lyricists, and music composers to join his creative team. Girgaonkar highlighted his dedication to nurturing talent in the industry, encouraging aspiring artists to showcase their skills without hesitation.
Producer Sanjay Bedia Girgaonkar is planning a new classical music video that will feature cultural Kathak dance. It'll be interesting to see how he incorporates this rich tradition into the upcoming production.

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