Mumbai : With the onset of spring, it’s time to take the style game a notch higher with jewellery trends that have  the runways blazing! 2024 is all experimenting with these new style trends and letting your jewellery take centre stage! This year jewellery isn’t simply about accentuating a look or just following but about adapting that trend to express your mood, mark your moments and create a statement that is sure to make heads turn.
 Commenting on these trends, Pallavi Sharma, Business Director, PGI India, stated,
"The landscape for women’s jewellery has really evolved over the years, creating a whole new segment that caters to modern women who seek contemporary designs that align with their lifestyle and serve as an extension of their personality. In 2024, being authentic will continue to maintain centre stage, with women playfully experimenting with jewellery that serves as a canvas for artistic expressions through fun patterns, unique materials combined with precious metals, bold colours and motifs representing pop culture. The art deco trend already has the runway buzzing. Stacking continues to be a favourite, encouraging women to mix and match different shapes, colours and motifs to create their own unique style story with wristwear, rings and even neckwear. This year is all about expressing oneself and as the mood is never constant, nor should the style statement. From sculptural minimalism to bold stacking, the style mantra for 2024 will be about experimenting and catering to every mood while staying true to one’s core.”

And as you browse through a plethora of options to update your jewellery closet, platinum jewellery emerges as the ideal choice to ace your style game for the year.  Be it the bold statement pieces or the versatile and more functional designs for frequent wear, exquisitely crafted pieces from Platinum EVARA by PGI offers something for every mood and occasion.
 Crafted from 95% pure platinum, the subtle white sheen of intricately crafted platinum jewellery by Platinum Evara promises to take your style game to the next level as you experiment with new looks, try new trends or simply add to your collection of perfect everyday jewellery. Below are our top 3 recommendations to ensure you sparkle and shine through 2024.

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