In a touching gesture, Akshay Kumar had the honor of offering bhog to Shri Hansratna Surishwarji, an esteemed Jain Monk who concluded his 180-day fast at NSCI, Mumbai, on March 31st. Dressed in a pristine kurta, Akshay Kumar graciously attended the grand ceremony.
 He is the only monk to complete this fast the seventh time, sustaining himself solely on water. And it was indeed a blessed moment for Akshay as he got this wonderful opportunity to help him break his fast. As per Jain scriptures, Lord Mahavir fasted for 180 days twice to promote peace with non-violence and Hansratna Swami will be one of 12 people in Jain history to have fasted for 180 days. 
 For Akshay Kumar, who is a strong believer of Hansratna Swami, this meaningful encounter serves as a testament to his values of compassion and respect for spiritual traditions, which have been seen many times before. As he interacted with Shri Hansratna Surishwarji and his community, Akshay demonstrated his genuine sincerity and humility, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

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